Olive pot.
Early 20th Century Eastern Mediterranean olive pot.
In good condition for age.Slighty damage to rim.
Dimensions:H:50cm.W:37cm @handles.
Stock Code:678
Olive pot and terracotta amphora.
£120 & £85
Early 20th Century Eastern Mediterranean olive pot and old terracotta amphora.
Good condition for age.Amphora small chip at neck.
Olive pot: Dimensions:H:57cm.W:31cm @handles.Amphora:H:53cm.W:24cm @handles.
Stock Code:679
Olive pot.
£120.00 each.
Early 20th Century Eastern Mediterranean olive pot.
In good condition for age.Faking terracotta in places.
Stock Code:680
Harvest baskets.
£125.00 each.
Old Greek olive harvest baskets. Very sturdy. Ideal as a log basket.
In good condition for age.One has a few holes in base.
Stock Code:676
Wooden scoop.
Gorgeous old wooden scoop/cup.
Age related split.
Stock Code:674
Harvest basket.
£125.00 each.
Old Greek olive harvest basket. Very sturdy. Ideal as a log basket.
In good condition for age.
Stock Code:675
Wooden print blocks.
Indian wooden print blocks used for fabric printing.
In good condition.
Stock Code:662
Finishing tool.
£25.00 each
Old book binders finishing tool
Gorgeous turned handles.
Stock Code:667
£8.00 per metre
Chinese vintage hand loomed cotton
Good condition.
Dimensions:L:9 metres lengths.
Stock Code:668
Dough bowl.
Details to follow
Stock Code:660
Metal chairs.
£85.00 each
Old metal school chairs.
Definately detail over comfort but gorgeous remnants of the original paint
Dimensions:H:43/48/47/42cm @seat.86/95/98/82cm @back.W:39/40/36/37cm.D:39/40/38/39cm.
Stock Code:669
French book.
Nineteenth century books revealing French aristocratic life through correspondence between Francoise-Marguerite de Sevigne and her mother Madame de Grignan.
Gorgeous old paper.Rough around the edges.
Dimensions:14 x 9cm.
Stock Code:661
Cow bells.
Old metal cow bells.
In good condition for age.Some have had twine added to the handle and new clappers have been added.
Stock Code:550
Old Indian metal Matki.
Age related condition with knocks and bumps.One rather wobbly.
Dimensions:Average.H:28cm.W:30cm @widest point
Stock Code:670
Small metal ladles.More decorative than useful!
Stock Code:612
Wooden pestle and mortar.
Old wooden pestle and mortar. Probably teak.
Small crack at one side and old repair at the other.Unsure if the pair went together originally.Slight wobble to base.
Stock Code:671
Small metal candlesticks.
Good condition.Not very old.
Stock Code:672
A pair of oil on canvas portraits by Hermenegild Vallve´Virgili.
Good condition.
Dimensions:H:cm .
Stock Code:673
Details to follow
Stock Code:664
Green pots.
Details to follow.
Good condition.
Dimensions:H:cm.W:cm @base.
Stock Code:663
Details to follow.
Dimensions:H:cm .
Stock Code:665
Primitive wooden plate.
A primitive sycamore folk art plate.Carved from one piece of wood.Raised on wooden rim.
Large crack of centre with old metal repair.
Stock Code:657
Sake bottle.
Japanese stoneware Sake bottles.
Good condition.
Dimensions:H:25/23cm.W:10.5/8.5cm @base.
Stock Code:658
Horezu plate.
From the Horezu region of Romania this primative plate has been decorated using an age-old methods.
Good condition for age.
Dimensions:23.5cm .
Stock Code:653
Chopping boards.
A selection of antique breadboards/chopping boards in various woods .
Aged related cracks and repairs.
Dimensions:H:48cm.W:27cm Average.
Stock Code:654
Wooden shutters.Softwood so for an interior.
Paint flaking.
Dimensions:H:156.5cm.W:62cm with hinges each shutter.
Stock Code:655
Old wooden washboards. Various sizes and conditions.
Age related damage.
Stock Code:656
A pair of Indian wooden doors in a glorious turquoise colour with metal grills.
.In good condition for age.
Dimensions:H:182cm.W:42cm each door.
Stock Code:643
Ginger jars.
Ceramic ginger jars with a delightful dark green glaze.
In good condition. One remaining.
Dimensions:H:18cm.W:18cm @base.
Stock Code:652
Low Indian cashier's desk.It would have been used with by the cahier sat on the floor.
Gorgeous colour.In good condition for age.
Stock Code:647
Sindoor pots.
Gorgeous red laquered harwood sindoor pots.Used to hold ceremonial pigment.
In good condition for age.
Stock Code:648
Oil on canvas portrait of a French priest. Dated 1828 on reverse.Very simply painted in the provincial style.
Age related wear and tear.
Stock Code:644
Ghee pot.
Carved from one piece of teak, a beautiful pot used to store ghee butter.
Heavy with simple carvings.
Stock Code:649
Primitive wooden plate
Beautiful primitive folk art plate.
Hand carved in sycamore.
Old simple metal repair to split down centre.
Stock Code:636
Wooden table.
c.1880 Primitive oak table.
Solid heavy table.Aged crack down centre.
Stock Code:596
Elm stools.
Old Chinese working stools.
Age related knocks but generally good condition.
Average Dimensions:H:51cm.W:45cm.D:22cm.
Stock Code:639
Primitive bench.
Primitive Transylvania ash and pine stick bench with traces of original paint.
Generally solid for age.Repair work to two legs.Old woodworm holes.
Average Dimensions:H:74cm @back.L:181cm.D:33.5cm.
Stock Code:599
Large Olive pot
Large Eastern Mediterranean antique olive pot.
White washed.In good condition for age.
.H:71cm.W:27 @ rim.
Stock Code:625
Dough bowl and spoon
£85 & SOLD.
Gorgeous 19th sycamore dough bowl and very old spoon.
Dough bowl cracked in places but still beautiful
Spoon hand carved from one piece of fruit wood.Two marks on handle.
Dimensions:Dough bowl: L:71cm.W:36.5cm.D:15cm.Spoon:L:56cm.W:16cm.
Stock Code:635
Fencing mask
White fencing mask.
Stock Code:604
Primitive wooden creamer
This primitive creamer would have hung on the wall and used to drain the whey.
Age related wear.Old woodworm holes. Treated.
Stock Code:640
Wooden wild strawberry scoop.
An unusual old fruitwood strawberry scoop.
A few teeth missing...but so would most things of this age!.
Approx" L:45cm.W:25cm.D:10cm.
Stock Code:641
Olive jars
Large ceramic olive jars with green and ochre glaze. Very decorative.
H:42/35/37cm.W:27/24/24cm @handles
Stock Code:626
Flax comb
Primitive wool flax comb with beautiful carving on the handles.
Used for teasing out the tangles in wool before spinning.Carving on wood. Metal teeth all in tact if not a little crooked
Average Dimensions:L:33cm.W:10cm at base.
Stock Code:467
Mediterranean terracotta amphora.
General age related ware and tear.
Dimensions:H:48cm.W:24cm @handles.
Stock Code:624
Storage pots.
£85 each
Primitive East European storage pots.
In various sizes and conditions.
Dimensions:H:43/35/31cm.W:38/33/30cm @handles.
Stock Code:614
Nineteenth Century French chairs
A pair of early Nineteenth century French deconstructed chairs.
Gorgeous blue/grey paint with gilt detail.Hessian back and calico to seat. Solid condition for age.
Dimensions:H:87cm.W:45cm.Seat H:43cm. Seat D:43cm.
Stock Code:518
Reconstituted stone statue.
Stock code:606
Reconstituted stone greyhound.
Stock code:620
Reconstituted stone statue.
Stock code:602
Jali window.
Sandstone Indian Jali windows.
Beautiful detail with remnants of old blue paints.In good condition.
Stock Code:615
Jali window.
Large sandstone Indian Jali windows.
Beautiful detail.In good condition.
Stock Code:628
Jali window.
Sandstone Indian Jali windows.
Beautiful intricate detail.In good condition.
Stock Code:627
French mirror
An elegant 19th Century guilt Louis Philippe mirror.Perfect for a bedroom.
Some age related damage to frame.
Email for further photo's or Dm me on Instagram.
Dimensions:H:56cm.W:44cm. D:2cm.
Stock Code:541
Carved wooden bowl.
Beautiful teak hand carved wooden bowls.
Age related cracks and repairs .
Dimensions:H:10cm.W:28cm average.
Stock Code:574
Festival mask.
Colourful Indian festival mask.
Hand carved in wood.
Stock Code:575
Hand carved wooden shallow bowls.
Used for the preparation of food.
Stock Code:571
Old wooden primative masks.
In good condition for age.
Stock Code:551
Water jug
An Eighteenth Century Eastern European ceramic water vessel.
Great condition for it's age, but lots of lumps, bumps and chips!
Email for further photo's or Dm me on Instagram.
Stock Code:570
Indian Jaisalmer sandstone mortar?bowl.
Heavy sandstone handcarved bowl/mortar.Weathered,worn and a bold statement.
Stock Code:595
Stone bowls
Old stone bowls.
Heavy stone in varying colour tones.Great for displaying food or as a soap dish.
Dimensions:W:22cm average.
Stock Code:631
Stone Parat
Indian stone parat.
Vey heavy stone parat in beautiful grey hues.
Dimensions:45 x 35cm.
Stock Code:513
Oil painting.
Cattle scene. Oil on canvas.
Damaged at edges.
Email or DM on instagram for more photo's.
Stock Code:630
French Louis XVI style sofa.
A 19th Century Louis XVI sofa upholstered in calico.
Beautiful paint detail to woodenframe.Damage to arm in a couple of places
Please email for further photo's or Dm me on Instagram.
Dimensions:H:38cm @seat.90cm @back.L:117cm. D:52cm.
Stock Code:579
Oil on canvas.
Still life oil on canvas painting
Another naive still life. Damage to canvas.
Stock Code:538
Metal sign
Old metal signs used at The Royal Show.
Third,fourth,fifth & sixth.
Dimensions:L:38cm. W:18cm.
Stock Code:078
Deed boxes
Old metal deed boxes
Varying sizes and conditions.
Stock Code:445
Metal number
Old metal numbers used at The Royal Show.
Hand painted on site at Stoneleigh Park. Age related damage.
0-9 each number has a whole at the top.
Stock Code:542